2002, interactive installation

The installation contains 3 multimedia projectors, 3 PC computers, a server, 3 infrared movement sensors.

Size of projection 11m x 3m

The interactive video was projected on an narrow pedestrian walkway between Manchester Central Library and the Town Hall.

The association of the corridor between the two buildings with a river into which I am trying to swim against the current is inspired by an episode from my childhood. I was swimming in a narrow, long and deep river located between high rocks. At some point I realised that I was get tired, and my only option was to keep swimming against the fast current.

Now, years later my fear is increased by the people that I meet and who submerge me with the burden of their problems and I am beginning to drown and I cannot go on until they move away from my body. In this project I am once again trying to visualize the relations between the individual/artist and the community and its presentation between two buildings adds to the impact intended by me.